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All space missions are a team effort that require a range of engineering skills, a passion for innovation and a willingness to draw upon the knowledge and capabilities of a wide range of partners.
We are proud of our staff's ability to innovate and think creatively about the space missions we are developing. Skykraft personnel have direct experience in the design and construction of both large and small spacecraft and their systems. It is this diversity of skills and the challenge of identifying novel approaches and partnerships that push the boundaries of space technology and deliver new and innovative satellite services. 


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Chairman of Skykraft, Director Swift Aerospace Consulting, and Non-executive Director of Qinetiq Australia. Former Air Commander Australia, Fast Jet Pilot and Test Pilot, and former CEO of Civil Aviation Safety Authority.


Chief Executive Officer

Over 20 years in space, cyber security including leading very large infrastructure projects.
Director, Canberra Innovation Network, Former Rector and Professor at UNSW Canberra.


Chief Engineer

Former Head of Space Systems Engineering at Rutherford Appleton Laboratories, including lead payload systems engineer of various NASA and ESA missions.


Chief Innovation Officer

Former Senior Lecturer in Electronic Warfare and Navigation Systems, UNSW Canberra. Former RAAF Engineering Officer with over 20 years' experience in Aerospace systems.


Meet some of our team making an impact in space technology

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Aerospace/Mechanical Engineer

At Skykraft since 2019, Peter joined the team to work on space and satellite technology and systems. He is involved throughout the whole lifecycle of the mechanical systems/sub-systems from concept, design, assembly, integration and then testing.  


Showing a passion for building model kits and Lego from an early age, he enjoys the real-life hands-on engineering environment that Skykraft offers, and of course working with colleagues from a broad range of industry experiences. His Aeronautical Engineering degree at UNSW Canberra was the perfect fit for his career ambitions and Skykraft, and he hopes to continue building on his love of space and expand his knowledge of mechanical systems and mechanisms, along with playing soccer and futsal outside of the office. 


Intern Engineer

As an engineering intern from the Australian National University (ANU), Grace has a truly flexible role, working on real satellites destined for space while undertaking a double Bachelor's degree in Engineering Honours (Mechanical and Material Systems) and Music. The opportunity to have both varied and authentic work experience is important to Grace, who relishes working with a close-knit team of experienced engineers on innovative projects.

Outside of the internship, she is passionate about helping others as a Student Ambassador for Engineers Australia, and as part of the ANU Rocketry Structures team. She helps colleagues find internships in her role as Head of Industry for the ANU Engineering Students Association, and complementing her double degree, she plays beautiful music as part of the ACT Youth Orchestra. Grace would love to continue working in the engineering industry, working on projects that solve real life issues.

Roger Dudziak.JPG


Block II Mission Manager

Joining the team in 2020 from the Australian Army, Roger relishes the opportunity to work at one of the very few companies in Australia where you can design, build and test spacecraft. At Skykraft, he puts into practice skills developed during his time in the defence force including management, leadership and engineering. Along with defence force training, he holds a Bachelor of Arts in History & Politics and Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from UNSW/ADFA, and a Masters of International Relations from Deakin University and Master of Engineering Research from UNSW/ADFA, and continues his professional learning as a Member of Engineers Australia and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. 

With a wide range of previous roles including troop command through to engineering, he is now in a unique and rewarding role in the emerging Australian space industry and looks forward to continuing designing, building and testing space systems. In his spare time, he is active in trails across the ACT and the world through travels, mountain biking, and back at home has a passion for working cars and motorbikes.


Aerospace Engineer | Structural Design and Analysis 

Qualifying a satellite for launch isn't what you would expect from most Canberra based roles. At Skykraft, Gayatri performs structural analysis of satellite structure, ground support equipment, release hardware and mechanisms to develop the final design and substantiate the spacecraft structure for operational life cycles including test, transport, and launch.   


Completing her Bachelors degree in Aeronautical engineering and then Masters of Technology in Aerospace Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, she is keen to inspire and support women in engineering to showcase more innovation and entrepreneurship. She is proud to be part of the Skykraft team, being involved in the entire life cycle of spacecraft development starting from concept design to the final flight model, with ambitions to keep working on designing better and efficient spacecraft structures. In her downtime Gayatri loves to read and explore new places. 

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Mechatronics Engineer 

Creating a real-world impact while working on bleeding edge hardware is important to Lachlan, who joined Skykraft in 2020 to work across mechanical, software and electrical systems.  


After studying a double degree at Swinburne University of Technology, a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Mechatronics and Bachelor of Business (Management), he now enjoys the flexibility of his role at Skykraft. He has worked on the design and build of solar panels, avionics boards, 3D printing, automated testing and even designed the company t-shirt! Lachlan enjoys having the autonomy to make design decisions that influence the course and development of satellites, alongside the excellent team and inclusive workplace culture.


When not designing satellites, he enjoys hiking and mountain biking through the ACT terrain, playing the guitar and prototyping. He looks forward to leading teams of engineers in design while still being on the tools, along with launching bigger, better world leading satellites. 


Space Systems Engineer

Rocket man, Broden joined Skykraft with space heritage as Founder and Lead of the Australian National University's Rocketry team. Coming from a pathway of Chemistry through his Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) – Science, he initially gained access to the space industry as a graduate.


Skykraft's agile and innovative spirit was a huge attraction, alongside the opportunity to work with cross-disciplinary engineers. He continues learning by solving engineering problems daily across a breadth of challenges from concept, design, test, build, and integration all the way to launch and operations. Projects can be as diverse as funding of the spacecraft to acting as the glue to make sure the spacecraft system works as a whole.


Keen to continue working in the space industry, Broden also makes time for weekly quizzes, playing ultimate frisbee and volleyball and in AFL season, watching his mighty Brisbane Lions roar.

Broden Diggle_edited.jpg


To deliver our 200+ satellite constellation, we need a range of skills starting in Australia, from talented engineers in the fields of software, systems and electronics. Ongoing opportunities are available from internships, to graduates to experienced engineers.


We thrive on thinking outside of the box, so if you have relevant experience from sectors other than space, send us an email with your current CV to start the conversation.

Open opportunities are also advertised on our LinkedIn page and Seek.

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