Recent and continuing drops in launch costs, primarily driven by SpaceX, change the landscape of space technology. Reduced access costs open up many new opportunities that have, until now, been too expensive. Skykraft is capitalising rapidly on this change, developing affordable yet reliable solutions to real-world needs. Space Constellations consist of large numbers of spacecraft that work together to provide services on Earth which improve our communication , travel, banking, environment, location services and security.

With multiple satellites launching in mid 2022, Skykraft is developing an Air Traffic Management constellation of 210 spacecraft that will provide continuous coverage for aircraft at all altitudes and locations. This improves both the safety and efficiency of aircraft operations.

Constellations of spacecraft provide global, persistent, resilient and adaptable solutions that service the entire globe, are not limited by borders or geography, and due to recent and significant reductions in space access costs, can now deliver commercially robust solutions for entire market sections.

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