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What is Skykraft's ATM service?

Skykraft’s space-based Air Traffic Management service will increase air traffic efficiency and address gaps in surveillance and communications.

Utilising over 200 satellites in a constellation, the space-based service will track aircraft globally.

Currently, ADS-B coverage is limited by the availability of ground-based infrastructure.

Space-based ATM can track aircraft travelling over oceanic and remote areas.

In addition to ATM surveillance using ADS-B, the Skykraft ATM service also delivers real-time voice and data communication over VHF between air traffic controllers and pilots using voice and data, to enhance the efficiency of air traffic.

Operating in Low Earth Orbit across 7 orbital planes, the satellite constellation provides global coverage.

Delivering global service, the satellites that makeup Skykraft’s ATM constellation are designed and manufactured in Canberra, Australia and utilise suppliers from across regional Australia for a resilient supply chain.

Learn more about Skykraft's ATM space-based service.

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