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See Skykraft's satellite at the Australian Space Discovery Centre

Nathan, a Space Communicator at the Australian Space Discovery Centre showcases the latest installation into their gallery, a model of the largest ever Australian-made payload about to go into space.

Skykraft's Block 2 satellite is part of a 300kg space object, comprising 4 of these satellites plus an orbital transfer vehicle that will be launched with SpaceX out of Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida later this year.

The upcoming launch is part of the proof of concept activities for the deployment of Skykraft’s space-based air traffic management services that will be part of a constellation of 200 plus satellites by 2024.

Skykraft’s space-based Air Traffic Management service will increase global air safety and address gaps in surveillance and communications by delivering real-time communications between air traffic controllers and pilots.

Using the 200 plus satellite constellation, the space-based global system can track aircraft travelling across oceanic and remote areas that are currently limited by ground-based communications infrastructure.

Satellites that make up Skykraft’s constellation are designed and manufactured in Australia using local supply chains in a resilient production process.

Skykraft employs engineers across electrical, industrial, and software disciplines to deliver this satellite constellation.

Come and join the team at the Australian Space Discovery Centre to find out more about how this satellite technology developed by Aussie engineers will change the global air traffic management landscape, and whilst you're here, we hope to inspire you to find your place in space.

Visit the Australian Space Discovery Centre, book your free tickets here.

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