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Skykraft joins DMTC's high altitude sensor systems program along with ANU and CSIRO

25 September 2020

The project is a collaboration involving DMTC, researchers from ANU and CSIRO and industrial partner Skykraft, a small business formed out of the UNSW Canberra Space team that is currently developing a space-based Air Traffic Management solution that will utilise a constellation of small satellites.

James Prior, CEO of Skykraft, added, “This project will contribute to the burgeoning Australian space industry and has clear application opportunities in and beyond the defence sector, including other commercial uses and further research in areas around reef health monitoring and water quality assessment.

“The team assembled for this project has the depth and breadth of skills and commercial acumen to ensure the sensor specifications, technology development roadmap and market potential are all well considered. The technology developed through this project has significant export potential due to the recent global growth of small satellite technology and investment interest.”

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