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Skykraft joins C4 Edge

7 August 2020

Seventeen Australian companies have joined the C4 EDGE (Evolutionary Digital Ground Environment) Communications Program, to scope the demonstration of a sovereign land battlegroup and below communications environment for the Australian Army.

The C4 EDGE program will leverage internationally agreed open standards to grow and demonstrate Australian C4 (command, control, communications and computers) industry capacity and ability to deliver a battlegroup and below C4 capability demonstration.

Ultimately, by the end of 2021 the program will have delivered a proof of concept demonstration that shows the capability of Australian industry to further develop a protected, integrated and supportable sovereign system: one that delivers agile and resilient C2 functionality to meet the flexible, scalable and interoperability needs of a battlegroup operating independently or with partners.

At an event held in Canberra yesterday, ACT-based companies 1LM, Insitec, Kord Defence, Outlander Solutions, Penten, SkyKraft and Xtec, contracted under the nation-wide program comprised of 17 businesses, were officially welcomed to Team C4 EDGE by senator Zed Seselja (ACT) and EOS Defence Systems chief executive Grant Sanderson.

Read the media release on Defence Connect's website.

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