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Skykraft awarded $1M ACT Government Priority Investment Programme Grant for satellite development

12 September 2019

The ACT government has signed an agreement to provide a $1 million grant to UNSW-based Skykraft to develop a satellite constellation as the national space race heats up.

Skykraft managing director James Prior said the ACT government's grant would enable the company to begin immediate conceptualisation and design work for a SmallSat constellation providing global air traffic management capabilities.

He said this early definition work was significant as it established a tangible project for supply chain development and the creation of new space capabilities in the ACT.

“Importantly, this has enabled Skykraft to sign a memorandum of understanding with Spanish multinational technology company Indra for the design, manufacture and operation of this SmallSat constellation,” Prior said.

“I am excited about where this will lead. It places Skykraft in a unique position to establish a space-based global service in a niche market.”

Read the media release on Space Connect's website.

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