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Mechatronic engineering through the Defence Industry Internship Program

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Working while studying gives students in their penultimate year of university the opportunity to carve out a niche and understand what the next step beyond graduation looks like.

Skykraft recently hired a Mechatronic Engineering intern, Samuel (Sam) Barret, in his fourth year of a dual degree in Engineering (Mechatronics) and Commerce (Finance) at the Australian National University (ANU) through the Defence Industry Internship Program (DIIP).

DIIP is an annual program funded by the Commonwealth, matching SMEs with engineering students nearing the end of their degree with the aim of increasing awareness of career opportunities in the defence industry and provide student interns with the opportunity to gain real-world work experience in a growing sector.

Sam saw a multitude of options when applying for the internship. After some research he decided that Skykraft delivered the opportunity to work on real world subsystems that will eventually be sent into space with huge benefits to us here on Earth.

Sam working on a satellite in the Skykraft cleanroom

"The work undertaken is a very unique opportunity and one that I never expected to experience. The ability to have hands on work with a satellite’s research, design and production really is something that younger me would have only dreamt of doing," said Sam.

"Early on the Skykraft team provided me with a project and a secure network to fall back on, which encouraged out of the box thinking and new styles of development which really delivers effective practical experience."

Looking to the future

Sam has always been open to new experiences and pathways. One of his major passions is the engineering aspect behind vehicles, leading him to the ANU formula SAE team, developing an open wheel race car to compete against other universities around Australasia.

Working in the space industry was a dream Sam has held from a very young age, and now that is a real opportunity right here in Canberra.

"Skykraft has definitely not disappointed, if anything it truly has reignited my passion more than I could imagine. Ultimately, I hope to continue with engineering and discover new passions and interests within the industry."

Outside of work and studies, Sam enjoys the great outdoors, including triathlons and bikepacking and playing drums in a local band.

Sam pursuing one of his leisure activities, hiking in the great outdoors

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