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19 Apr 2023 - Air Traffic Management reports Block III satellites are the latest batch of satellites to be launched in Skykraft’s proof-of-concept activities for ATM.

Skykraft Block III satellites in the clean room before shipping to US_edited.jpg

13 Mar 2023 - Skykraft satellites will provide an air traffic surveillance system and a VHF radio communication system from Space & Defense News.

Space & Defense News March 23.jpeg

18 Jan 2023 - Engineering Australia's Create Digital interviews Chief Engineer, Doug Griffin. "The company’s goal is to make flying safer, more comfortable and dramatically more efficient."

Create Digital EA Jan 23.jpeg

4 Jan 2023 - Skykraft CEO Dr Michael Frater on ABC News Breakfast. "Australian satellites launched by a SpaceX rocket will provide better coverage for the country's air traffic management."

ABC News Breakfast Jan 23.jpeg

13 Mar 2023 - Skykraft and Airways NZ will work together to develop Skykraft’s space-based air traffic management service in one of the world’s largest airspace regions reports Asian Aviation.

Asian Aviation mar 23.jpeg

25 Jan 2023 - CANSO reports all onboard systems tested on the five satellites are performing in line with expectations, including the mission computer which is operating flawlessly.

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-04 at 03_edited.jpg

13 Jan 2023 - Cosmos Space looks at what’s in store for the burgeoning space industries in 2023. "The space year is off to a flying start with five Australian-made satellites launched this week, all functioning as expected."

Skykraft satellite in orbit over Australia - artists impression_edited.jpg

7 Jan 2023 - Marcus House gives a complete run down on his YouTube channel of the SpaceX Transporter 6 mission, and it's super interesting payloads, including Skykraft 1.

Marcus House Jan 2023.png

2 Jan 2023 - An Aussie-made satellite stack - the first of its kind - is set to be launched to help manage air traffic, on 10 News First.

10 News Jan 23.png

4 Jan 2023 - Skykraft CEO Dr Michael Frater on Nine's TODAY Show. History has been made overnight after Canberra-based company Skycraft successfully launched five Australian-built satellites into space aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

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