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Skykraft is an Australian space services company that specialises in the design, manufacture and operations of satellite constellations for the delivery of global services.

Skykraft was established in 2017 as a spin off from space capabilities incubator UNSW Canberra Space and are located in a dedicated manufacturing facility in the centre of Canberra as part of UNSW Launch. This collaborative workspace has brought together innovative space and cyber companies as a catalyst for enabling businesses, government, academics and the ACT community to develop defence and security capability, talent and technology.

Skykraft is developing a new space-based service to increase air safety and address gaps in surveillance and communications for aircraft travelling across oceanic or remote areas that are limited by ground-based communications infrastructure. 

Using supply chains from across Australia in a sustainable production process, we employ local engineers from electrical to mechanical to software who display globally leading skills in the aerospace sector. 

Learn more about Skykraft's team and careers.

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