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Big-Space Heritage......Small Space Advantage


Skykraft is an Australian space services company that specialises in the design, manufacture and operation of SmallSat constellations for the delivery of global services. Skykraft's foundation constellation, which is under rapid development, is for space-based Air Traffic Management services with operations commencing in 2023.

Mission Assurance

Skykraft personnel have direct experience in the design and construction of both large and small spacecraft and systems. Our rapid build and test cycles ensures all technical and risk aspects of your specific constellation mission are defined and resolved at the earliest stages of development. This process reduces risk, costs and time to operational service.


All space missions are a team effort that require a range of engineering skills, a passion for innovation and a willingness to draw upon the knowledge and capabilities of a wide range of partners. It's this diversity of skills and the challenge of identifying novel approaches and partnerships that bring our spacecraft missions to life.

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Skykraft is based in Canberra, Australia which has a long space heritage, including hosting the Honeysuckle Creek station that received the moon landing footage and the Deep Space tracking station at Tidbinbilla. With its close links to Australia's Defence community and the Federal government, Canberra enjoys easy access to a wide variety of high technology companies and world class universities for project collaboration and novel engineering solutions which Skykraft draws upon. 

Skykraft is located at Launch on Northbourne, a dedicated collaborative workspace that has brought together innovative space and cyber companies as a catalyst for enabling businesses, government, academics and the ACT community to develop defence and security capability, talent and technology.

As a spin-off from UNSW Canberra Space, Skykraft has the ability to leverage the extensive research and space heritage at the University, as well as close proximity and access to the Space and Satellite testing infrastructure at the Australian National University's Advanced Instrumentation Technology Centre (AITC).